A partnership built

Tat Hui Foods was founded in 1985 with a humble beginning making instant noodles. They aspire to bring these humble instant noodles to as many people as possible, eager to share the rich culture & unique character of Singaporean cuisine to the rest of the world. This passion for authenticity helped shape the way KOKA has evolved through the years and has been the reason for the brand’s strong international following. Over the years Tat Hui has grown from a local noodle brand with just a few classic flavours, to one that now brings over 100 different products to millions of households across the globe. Today, KOKA noodles are enjoyed in over 40 countries in Asia pacific region, North America, the Middle East & Europe.

Back in 2006, Tat Hui has been using all Imaje Inkjet Printers for printing on pillow pack and cup  . Printpack approached Tat Hui and offered new technology (Thermal Tansfer Overpritner) to replace the inkjet printers to print on flexible pillow pack.One unit TTO was ordered on a trial basis for a week, and after successful trial, 3 more units were ordered thus replacing 4 inkjet printers.

Several reasons cited in replacing the technology , the significant one being the running cost has been slashed almost half. That’s 50% savings. Not to mention the downtime reduction resulting in production efficiency by more than 99% with the new TTO technology a lot more information can be printed which is not possible with the inkjet printers. Increasingly customers want to see the “ingredient” and the “nutritional facts” and this is all made possible adoption of the new technology.

With the cup noodle however printings has to be non-contact thus an inkjet is an appropriate solution. Working with Printpack for several years, Tat Hui is confident to purchase the inkjet offered by Printpack when they started a new production facility in 2012. Initial purchase of 4 inkjet printers proves to be more reliable, more efficient with less downtime and can cope with the higher production rate which the conventional Imaje inkjet was unable to do. Thus the remaining inkjet printers of Imaje was eventually replaced.

All cup noodles & pillow packs stacked into boxes and they too need to be printed. The old DOD unicorn printers were eventually replaced by yet another new technology (TIJ) offered by Printpack Technology. With TIJ printer which deliver crisp clear prints is credited with a clean operation and almost zero downtime.

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