Application to all kinds of metallic materials.

  • Output Power: 20W/30W/50W
  • Laser wave length: 1064nm

    All New Design

    • Dust tight in all directions, which ensures production schedule.
    • Wind/Water cooling system, ensuring its operation is stable and safe.

    Work Environment

    External Temperature: 0°C~45°C (relative humidity

    Working Temperature:  0~60°C

    Environment Humidity: 45%~75%

    Atmospheric Pressure: <2000 m height

    Power demand: 200V 5A/50Hz

    Item TypeModelFiber
    Laser Machine FeatureMachine MaterialAluminum Structures
    LaserFiber laser generator
    Output Power≥ 50W
    Laser Wave Length1064nm
    Lens2 dimensional high precision scanning system
    Marking speed≥ 8000mm/S
    Main control systemHighly integrated mainboard, Embedded 10.4 inch controller, Double controlling systems
    Cooling systemWater-cooled or air-cooled
    Laser marketing ParameterFocus zoom lens190mm double red light focusing
    Marking scale typeRaster font, vector font for choosing
    Min.line width0.012mm
    Repeatability accuracy0.003mm
    Working area110x110mm
    PositioningRed light positioning and double red light focusing
    Lines of markingNo limited in working area
    Power Consumption800W