Small Character Inkjet Printer

Excellent Stability

Automatic calibration function automatically adjust printing parameters according to changes in the actual work environment, without human intervention.

Optimized ink system more accurately corrects every drop of the ink droplet, to provide better coding quality.

Can still print after long prolonged shutdown.

Super easy to use

Easy-to-use system operation, low operator interference required, fast, short training needed. Plug-and-play ink/solvent conveying system is simple, convenient and efficient. No spillage during pouring to machine. Integrated design to simplify replacement of parts and recover rapidly from downtime.

The advanced coding efficiency

Personalized human-machine interface and one-click Auto Switch, WYSIWYG editing software is easily get editing information. Step-by-step guide-input to avoid error. Inherent barcode styles to meet the needs of different barcodes.

Superior in performance

Advanced ink provides excellent printing performance fast drying, high adhesion. Ink/solvent and the machine hardware compatibilty test shows that it effectively prevent premature degradation of hardware. High purity and meet the filter criteria, 100% after batch testing.

Small, utra-quiet

IP55 dustproof industrial design effectively prevent dust from entering the chassis, causing abnormal behavior. Ultra-quiet operation that reduces noise pollution in the workplace. Say goodbye to dull appearance because it's sleek and ergonomic. It's ultra-small size meet the needs of small space.

Intelligent Cartridge

Intelligent Ink/Cartridge/solvent system, when inserted a wrong consumables alarm will turn on automatically. The high-performance and to ensure that all liquid will be fully utilized with no waste, efficient use and cost savings.

The new nozzle innovation

A new automatic cleaning function effectively reduce the ink deposition inside the noozle allowing.