Printjet 6

Up to 6 Printheads


Technical Parameters
Technology Port
HPTIJ2.5 1) Ethernet: 100Mb/S, sychronized control of multiple devices via PC,
  2) USB2.0 Port: Support-Disk;
Dimensions 3) DB15: For External devices like photocell, synchronizer or alarm kit connection
Controller (H*W*D) : 210*135*37mm/8.3*5.3*1.46inch  
Printhead (H*W*D) : 113*133*55mm/4.5*5.2*2.15inch Interface
(including spring mechanism) 1) 7 inch 800*400 color LCD touchscreen;
  2) With touch screen interface operation, easy to use;
  3)Printer an work separately without PC software;
Power Supply  
AC 90V-240V/50-60HZ (dedicated AC); Ink Management
  1) Automatically recognize the ink types and identify the optimum printing paramenter.
Printable Height (mm) 2) Guarantee of using genuine original HP ink.
1 ~ 12.7mm 3) Automatic measuring system for the usage of the ink.
Printing Speed Mounting
0~60m/min (300 DPI) Standard side and downside printing assembly, customers can fix it flexibly.
0~30m/min (600 DPI)  
  Product Certification
Resolution CE, FCC;
50~600 DPI  
Printing Objects 1) Working Environment: -10° --+ 45°C; 10%-85%RH;
Barcodes, Character, Numeric, Logo, date/time, Expiry Date, Shift code; 2) Storage Environment: -25° --+ 55°C; 10%-90%RH;
Ink Solutions
Egg printing red & greed inks.  

Printjet 4 - 1

Selectable Languages Date Format
Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian Two date types (production date, expiry date), different options of date format;
Fonts Support external database through PC software
Default font is Arial, allows users to load the fonts they need; MS Excel, MS Access, SQL;
b Support data source from printer
UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8, INT25, CODE39, CODE128, ENA12, PDF417, DATAMATRIX, QR; (allows user to add the barcode) Provide standard RS-232, Ethernet port and USB port, simplify the integration for customers;
  *Date and counters can be switched to variable barcode printing